With chemo comes shaving of the Head | Hawaii Family PHotographer

After her first chemo treatment, we were all waiting patiently for Cheryse's hair to start falling out.  No need to shave her blond curly hair prematurely!  But she really didn't want clumps of hair coming out all over her bathroom floor!  (PS.  This girl has faced all this crappy-cancer-stuff with a dignity that can only be attributed to Godly Strength.  It's pretty amazing to watch.  There are always the hard times and the dark thoughts, but we know our God is a God of Providence and Provision.  Nothing to fear.)  It worked out so well time-wise! Our family was on a little outing to the North Shore and was planning to stop at Costco to pick up #alltheorganicfood for her when I received her text!

"My hair is starting to come out; are you available anytime today to come over for maybe 20-30 min when we shave it?"

Perfect timing! 

The whole family was involved!  Jokes had been flying for weeks that her head was going to look exactly like her dad's and brother's... Now we get to see! And the kids thought it was hilarious that they were going to shave her head and it was going to look like Papa's!!  It was a great idea to have all the kids involved and helping. Even little M didn't seem to mind the change in mommy's hair.  She was able to watch the whole thing!  Cheryse's sweet head scarf is from Chemo Beanie

In full support, Josiah, Cheryse's husband, shaved his head too. Again - what fun for the kids!  Not your normal experience as a child - shaving your parents' heads.  But a memorable one to be sure! 

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