Out for a walk, Hickam Officer Housing

So the little one an I decided to take a walk the other day.  He needed to get some energy out - we had just eaten at Fat Burger for a going away on Pearl Harbor - and I always need a walk. Anything to get this baby out.  As we speak, I am 2 days away from DUE DATE.  Which always ends up being disappointing for me cause I usually go over.  And that's fine, you know?  But when you know you're going to see that date come and go, you wish you could be one of those that comes even 2 days early.  Just so you don't have to go ALL THE WAY.  

Anyway.  He's gotten so much better at getting out for exercise!  He's been kind of lazy up till now.  But lately the energy has found him and he loves riding his bike and walking with the rest of the family.  He was going to ride his bike today, but decided to walk with me instead!  Why yes - I'd love that!! Of course he had to bring his little tupperware so he could collect bugs.  We really ended up collecting seeds.  He's either going to grow up to be a gardener or an entomologist.

This kids Loves.  Bugs.  

He calls them "Little Fellas".  

It's the cutest thing. 

So I grabbed the camera!  Always love those chubby fingers.  I grabbed my Nikon d800e with my Nikon 50 1.4.  I have a d750 as well, but that's locked and loaded for the hospital!  I can't wait to take photographs of my little girl.  Can't.  Wait.