Nama's Garden | Hawaii Family photographer

There are always so many good things that come from my mom's garden. So many fun decorations that we just don't get to have as a military family.  Whenever we go home to visit, Naomi always hopes it's the right season to pick tomatoes.  So. Many. Tomatoes.  But we were earlier this year, so we experienced them as little plants!  And Ry even stepped on one.  So we planted another.  And then put egg shells around them! Who knew?  

I totally forgot to take pictures of her roses though... Those are the crowning glory of her front lawn spread!  So many rose bushes!  I don't know what I was thinking not taking pictures of them. We'll chalk it up to mommy brain that was jet-lagged.  

The front porch is my favorite.  The perfect place to sit and rock with a cup of coffee. 

I know this house probably won't be around forever - in our family, I mean.  It's a lot to keep up with.  But it's such a good home.  Space for grandchildren to play.  Inviting tables for sharing meals.  And a wonderful kitchen for cooking good food.