Crab hunting and shave ice eating

I'm just getting around to editing some family photos from these past few months... I'm WAY behind.  Like almost a year.  But there's a new babe to care for, and I still have the two older ones  ;) so we've been busy around here.  

The North Shore of Oahu is one of our favorite places on the island.  Specifically near Shark's Cove.  It's a huge tide pool area you can snorkel in, with a deeper space where there are tons of turtles and fish.  But we can only venture into the deeper water during the summer because the surf gets pretty high during winter.  And across the street there are some wonderful food trucks!  They have a great Thai place there... of course all I ever get is Pad Thai.  But it's delish.   I was about 8.5 months pregnant when we visited... I probably looked crazy balancing on rocks and squatting to take pictures.  I was.  But I gotta get the shot, right?! 

And then of course there's Thai Coffee and Shave Ice at Green World Coffee Farm.  One of our favorite places. <3