Skiles Nursing and Home Life Story

Cheryse was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Considering her littlest is less than a year old and still nursing, we wanted to make sure to capture these last special moments before treatment began.  As you know with these things, treatment begins rather quickly.  So we just picked a random Wednesday night to document!  

We had actually planned on doing more of a family and nursing session over in Kaneohe / Kailua area, but sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate on the windward side of the island!  So, being the awesomely flexible woman that Cheryse is - and knowing how important the little moments are - she asked if I could just come for dinner and their bedtime routine.  


Check out her family's video at the end of the post - it's so much more than just a picture.  A life story/lifestyle session tells a whole story!  And although others may not see everything she sees, the little things - like remembering the sour extract she accidentally put in the smoothies - that is something SHE will remember.  And her kids will probably not forget either... Check out the "yucky" faces!  

Live for the story - not just the perfect shot. 


Stay tuned for more from this precious family.  A cancer story isn't one to be taken lightly.  It's a fight to remember and celebrate. Because every fight, every victory - even the small ones - need to be celebrated.

You can read more about Cheryse's story HERE


a life story video...  Their story