What is the Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter Kit is the absolute best way to get started with Young Living essential oils.  Basically, you're getting everything about 1/2 off.   

I don't know about you, but when there's a 50% off sale at Gap, I. AM. THERE.  Without children.  #gameon


It comes with 11 of the most popular oils.  THE TOP 10!  But really 11.  Cause they're awesome like that.  AND a diffuser.  Don't get me wrong -- the kits from the other companies are fine.  But when I switched to YL - it just made SO MUCH SENSE to me that this Starter Kit came with a diffuser.  It makes it so easy to use!  Don't know what you want to use?  Pop a couple drops in the diffuser!  It's sure not gonna hurt you!  Anything you diffuse is a good choice.   

Except for Digize.  Don't diffuse that.  

Here's a list of the oils that come in the kit:

Copaiba:  Digestive & skin support, supports body’s natural response to injury or irritation, enhances other oils

Digize:  Helps keep your stomach happy, even if you overindulge now and then

Frankincense:  Supports healthy skin, promotes balance and calmness, encourages calm and centered energy, skin moisturizer

Lavender:  Soothing and refreshing aroma, great for bedtime (with Cedarwood!), eliminates odors when diffused, skin support

Lemon:  Invigorating! Cleans bodily systems, beneficial flavoring, contains the powerful constituent LIMONENE (google it), supports healthy nasal function

PanAway:  Helps support recovery from soreness or musculoskeletal tension, mix with Peppermint, Valor, Lemongrass, and coconut oil for a soothing muscle cream, mix with V6 Vegetable Oil in a roller bottle to take on the go or put in your workout bag.

Peppermint:  Supports healthy digestive system, soothing for joints, uplifting and energizing scent

Raven: diffuse with a couple drops of Orange or Citrus Fresh for a bright, fresh twist on Raven’s unique scent, combine with a carrier oil to create a cooling back and chest rub, put a drop or two on the shower floor or in some epsom salts for a soothing, easy to breathe spa-like bathing experience.

Citrus Fresh: put a drop or two in your nightly moisturizer to help tone and smooth the appearance of skin.  Put a few drops on a wool dryer ball for fresh smelling laundry.  Diffuse with Thieves to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Stress Away: Promotes calmness and relaxation, assists with stress management to support restful sleep

Thieves:  Supports healthy immune function, compliments daily wellness routine, key component for the entire line of Thieves products, helps freshen stale air when diffused


The Kit also comes with a sample of concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner, which is one of our favorite products!  It has replaced all our household cleaners and is safe to use around the kids.  And safe to make your kids clean with!  ;)  No excuse to have them help around the house now!

It also comes with a handy little roller bottle top (of which you can get more). A lot of people put it on their bottle of Stress Away - cause #life.  I put it on my bottle of Dragon Time - which is not in the kit. But is AWESOME during "that time of the month".


Just incase you were wondering, other oils I would put a roller top on are: Progessence Plus, Joy, Digize, and Release.  

Back to the topic at hand.... The KIT! 

You are so lucky.  Young Living includes 2 Ningxia Packets in your secret little space! (Under the oils.)  No, they don't make you a Ninja.  That's different.  But it is the top rated antioxidant drink in the world.  So there's that.  Don't know why antioxidants are important?  Google it.  Here, try this: Ningxia Red  That'll get you there.  I chug this stuff.  It's not cheap, but TOTALLY worth it.  I even make "juice" out of it for my 1 year old.  The best stuff I can give her!  It tastes great.  Stick it in the fridge and down a packet a day!  It's sweet and tangy at the same time.  

It's red.  So if you pour it in a glass and it looks like a Bloody Mary, it's not. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.  


You also get cute little bottles so you can share with your friends!  Cause lord knows we like to talk about stuff we like. It happens:  Wine.  Clothes. Shoes. Babysitters.  Restaurants.  #Allthethings.  So when your friend asks why your kid is sleeping and hers isn't, you'll have this handy little bottle to give her a few drops of lavender in.  You're welcome.  

Next - included - is a diffuser!  Woo!!  You can pick one that is included in the cost of the kit, or you can upgrade to a fancy, gorgeous option! 

Your choice!  

There ya have it. 

If essential oils are your thing, this is your ticket to success.   You get 11 of the most popular oils, samples of goodness, a diffuser, and a 24% discount on anything else you want to buy.  Plus, the icing on top (of the amazing chocolate cake, or lemon. You know - whatever floats your boat) is that I won't leave you hanging!  I don't want you to buy this kit, and then leave it on your shelf.  This kit is LIFE!  Abundant, healthy, LIFE!  I want you to use your oils! They have made all the difference in our lives.  You have no idea, friends, the freedom that is available to you.  <3   


If you're ready to get some --- GO!   I can't wait to start this journey with you! 


Photographs provided by the Happy Oilers

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