Your LIfe, Your story


This type of session speaks to my heart the most. . .  

I had kids, and they started to grow - FAST.  My tired mommy brain just isn't going to be able to remember all the wonderful little things.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to recall the sweet cheeks, the chubby hands, how carefully they hold bugs and crowns and necklaces.  I saw all those things - but my tired momma-brain couldn't hold on to it all.  So it needed to be captured.  Recorded in color and black and white so I could look back in 20 years and remember.  

That is why these sessions are important.  Because time flies, and if you don't get in the picture with them, coloring and baking and reading and snuggling, they won't remember either. . .



Lifestyle sessions can happen anywhere.  In your home, at the zoo, on a picnic.  Pick your family's favorite place. These sessions are NOT posed at all.  They are completely documentary.  Because that is when real life happens!  It's not always a walk on the beach. . . 


Whenever you want.  I love Saturday mornings.  Usually there are pancakes and coffee, reading and snuggling, sibling fights, playing at home, walking to the park . . . Anything can happen!

Sometimes "whenever" is nighttime . . . baths, hair snarls, teeth brushing, books, goodnight kisses . . . 

Sometimes it's in the middle of the day . . .  

It's whatever time means the most to you!


Your family - parent(s) and kids - or whoever is there everyday!

If Grandpa and Grandma are in town, and this is the time you want to capture, let's do it!

How long

Life doesn't happen in under an hour.  Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that can happen in 15 minutes.  But that's not the real story.  So I'm coming to hang out with you for a bit!  Usually around 3-4 hours.

But. . . my house is messy

Well, there's a few choices.  You could pick it up.  Or you could leave it be.  You live where you live!  What's more important: memories captured of you and the kiddos, or your pile of laundry?

I haven't lost my baby weight

Take it from me.  I get it.  I'm on my third, and losing the weight doesn't get any easier.  We give our bodies and sanity for these kiddos - and now I want you to get in front of the camera?  Yup.  

Your kids will be looking around in about 25 years and realize there aren't any pictures of you and them.  And they're gonna be bummed.  It's taken me a few years to get there, but I WANT to be in the pictures!  So yes - I'll get in front of the camera for them.

You can do it!