Our family of 5 has just relocated to Montgomery, AL.  After a summer of packing, flying, visiting family, and driving longer than we have in 4 years, we are finally settled.  School is in session and life is  *kind of* getting back to normal.  As normal as any military family can be!  

My favorite things to shoot are my kids.  Whatever they are doing - everyday life, goofy faces, playing together.  Capturing the real life - the laughter, the tears, the moments; that's what I see as a photographer.  "Cheese" pictures are great, but the moments captured are what speak to my heart. Plus, I have 3 kids!  I have no brain power to remember all the good stuff. So I use photographs to help me out.

I have a degree in vocal performance - the opera kind. I don't sing professionally, but I love singing at church, and especially at night to my little ones.  My favorites are Jason Mraz, Sarah Bareilles, Hillsong, and Natalie Grant.  But most of the time you can find us listening to "Jesus Songs" in the car, as well as Adele on Pandora.  Current favorites are all the songs from Trolls and Moana.


My hubby and I like to watch movies (preferably the action type) and become addicted to TV shows.  We haven't had cable in 5 years, so we find other ways... our favorites are: Game of Thrones, Outlander, New Girl, and Fixer Upper.  To make folding the laundry more bearable, I'm on my 3rd round of The Office.

My favorite food is popcorn - homemade, air popped, buttered, salted...  Also chocolate. And wine. 

I'm also an avid essential oil user.  Addict.  Definitely an addict.

That's me in a nutshell.  I hope to meet you soon! 

<3   Chels